Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Educated Public Prefers Keeping or Reforming the Estate Tax

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From Juan Antunez, Esq. at The Florida Probate Litigation Blog:

New Poll Shows 57% Prefer Keeping or Reforming the Estate Tax:
"New Poll Shows 57% Prefer Keeping or Reforming the Estate Tax

As the Senate prepares for a May vote on estate tax repeal, increased budget deficits and a more educated public are spurring greater numbers to join a movement begun by some of America's millionaires in 2001 to keep the federal estate tax. A new national poll shows that 57% prefer keeping the tax as is or reforming it. Only 23% favor repealing the tax. The number favoring preservation or reform rises to 68% when respondents learn more information about the estate tax, with 23% again favoring repeal.

For more facts and figures related to estate tax repeal, see here."

To become more educated about the role of the estate tax, see my prior post Truths About the Estate Tax - Debunking the Popular Myths, putting to rest some of the bad facts popularized about the estate tax .


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